Blue Ribbon Commission Publications

Pathways Report: Policy Options for Regulating Marijuana in California

The Pathways Report, released on July 21, 2015, provides the broad recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission for Marijuana Policy. The report draws from the research and public forums of the Blue Ribbon Commission to provide a comprehensive view of the strategies, policy goals, and policy options available to Californians as they consider the legalization and taxation of marijuana policy.

Youth Education and Prevention Working Group Policy Brief

Californians are reasonably concerned about the impact upon youth of adding marijuana to the drugs that are already legally available for adults, such as tobacco and alcohol. Our working group has focused on how to best protect the health and well-being of children and adolescents (especially those youth who are most at-risk) if marijuana were to be legalized, taxed and regulated for adults.

*Additional reference materials related to the issue of youth and youth prevention, including materials submitted to and considered by the Youth Education and Prevention Working Group in drafting its policy brief can be found here

Progress Report

In October 2013, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom announced the formation of the Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC) on Marijuana Policy. Over the past 18 months, members of the Commission have been discussing, researching and analyzing the myriad policy issues facing California as it considers legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana.

Previous Work by BRC Comissioners

Ted Talk by Carl Hart

Dr. Hart appears at TEDMED 2014 and talks about controversial issues that many people are reluctant to discuss publicly

Cannabis polices and user practices: market separation, price, potency, and accessibility in San Francisco and Amsterdam by Craig Reinarman

This paper explores user perceptions and practices in contrasting legal-policy milieux-Amsterdam (de-facto decriminalization) and San Francisco (de jour criminalization) on four policy issues: sources of cannabis and separation of markets for it and other drugs; user perceptions of effects of price on consumption; effects of potency on consumption; and perceived risk of arrest and accessibility of cannabis