Who We Are

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy was formed in light of the high likelihood that a marijuana legalization initiative will be placed on the 2016 California ballot, and the fact that current polling data indicates that voters are likely to approve such an initiative.

What We Do

Comprised of leading policymakers, public health experts and academics from across the state and nation, the purpose of the commission is to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of various policy questions related to the possibility of legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana for adults in California. The commission will also endeavor to identify the range of solutions that might be deployed to resolve those questions, address the pros and cons of various approaches, and disseminate this information to California voters, policy-makers and those likely to fund and draft a ballot initiative to tax and regulate marijuana for adults. The Blue Ribbon Commission’s work will include closely monitoring the implementation of the new tax and regulatory schemes in Colorado and Washington and examining the results of different policy decisions made in each state for the most relevant lessons.

Support for marijuana legalization is not required of members of the commission. Neither the Commission nor individual members will be asked to endorse marijuana legalization in general, or support particular solutions, ballot initiative options, or any positions taken by the ACLU or Lt. Governor Newsom. The BRC will operate in an advisory capacity to conduct policy research and analysis to facilitate a thorough, rigorous examination of problematic issues and alternative solutions.